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Breathe, move, be curious...


Welcome.. I am Carly

I am currently taking a short maternity break to welcome my second babe into our family. I hope to be back offering postnatal, baby & me and pregnancy yoga as well as hypnobirthing group sessions in and around Croydon and North East Surrey in the spring of 2024. 

After giving birth to my first babe in the autumn of 2021, I have been running Baby & Me Postnatal Yoga courses and Pregnancy Yoga in Whyteleafe and Kenley serving the Coulsdon/Kenley/Caterham/Purley area and the very popular Mamas Rest monthly yoga and relaxation circle for mums. I adore sharing the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond, with both personal experience and with an advanced postnatal teacher training under my belt. I am a qualified hypnobirthing instructor and weave this in to my prenatal classes.

You will also find me leading the Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga offering at Croydon Yoga Hub as well as teaching more dynamic vinyasa and power flow classes.

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My style of teaching.

Pregnancy and Postnatal -  Mummy and Baby - Ashtanga Vinyasa -  Power -   Restorative  

My intention is to create a space for calm connection with the breath, body and self. To provide a space that you feel safe to explore your body and feel reassured that wherever you are with your practice, is exactly the place you need to be. I will encourage you to be curious about your body and your breath, to be playful yet compassionate, to challenge yourself with kindness and to listen to your inner knowing, taking what you need from my guidance and leaving anything you don’t need behind. After all, it is your practice!

Expect a combination of anatomical and philosophical cues, constant reminders to breath consciously, variations to suit all abilities and poor Left/Right differentiation (I just can't make it stick!)

Yoga London 200hours ~ Ashtanga Vinyasa

Sally Parkes 85hours ~ Pregnancy, Postnatal and Mummy and Baby Yoga

Sally Parkes 25hours - Advanced Postnatal Yoga

The Birth Uprising - Hypnobirthing Teacher

NMC ~ Registered Children's Nurse 

NMC ~ Specialist Community Public Health Nurse

Mental Health First Aider (Adults, Children and Young People)


Practice with me.


My story.

I am Carly, a Specialist Yoga Teacher in Pregnancy, Postnatal and Mummy and Baby, a Specialist Paediatric Nurse of 12 years with a postgraduate in Community Public Health, and a lover of all forms of movement and sport. I have always been an energetic, loving, inquisitive soul, curious about the world around me and wanting to bring joy to the people in my life. I love nature, in particular being in water and hiking vast expanses, and believe exposure to nature is pivotal to maintaining a healthy mental state.


I initially found yoga through heart break, grief and anxiety, in an attempt to rebuild myself I stumbled across an introductory offer for 30 days of practice, after completing my first class I fell in love with the practice and didn’t look back. 


Over a decade later, yoga continues to teach lessons of healing, connection, exploration, playfulness and finding those little snippets of time where only that very moment exists, in the present. And that for me is delicious!

The practice of yoga not only helped me to heal but also to reconnect with myself, those around me and my environment in a more meaningful and authentic way. I loved learning to move my body in ways I hadn’t explored before, working with my body with curiosity and reframing how I viewed myself and also my contributions and connections to this life.

I knew very early on that yoga would be integral to my life and that one day I would teach and share this practice with others. It combined my love of movement, my curiosity about life and my deep need to love and care. 




Ow Carly that was glorious my love. Thank you so much. Also such lovely words you used, I think it must be my hormones and back ache taking their toll but I had a little tear over them. 

Fascinating and gorgeous all at the same time.


If you can breathe you can practice yoga.


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